Q & A

Q - Where can I obtain athletic paperwork?
A - All athletic paperwork can be obtained from the school office or from the athletic office. The forms can also be downloaded from the corporation's website or the Dickinson site under the athletic tab. Go to: sb.school or dickinson.sb.school for the forms. 

Q - How long are physicals valid?
A - Athletic physicals are valid for one academic school year. 

Q - Do I need a new physical for every sport? 
A - No, current athletic physicals can be used for all the sports seasons, within the school year. 

Q - Do I have to pay the $15 insurance for each sport? 
A - Yes, this is a corporation policy. It also applies if you have your own family health insurance, and is NON REFUNDABLE. 

Q - Can I play more than one sport during a season?
A - Yes, some seasons allow for dual sports.